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Up-Link's Internet Setup Instructions... The easiest way to get connected

Using the Internet Connection Wizard:
Windows 98 (Second Edition -June 1999)

Windows 98 (Original version - June 1998)

NOTE:  We recommend using the Up-Link IE5.01 CD
with Win98 as it automatically sets everything up for you!

Using the Up-Link IE5.01 CD:
Windows 98 (ALL Versions)
Windows 95 (ALL Versions)

CAUTION!! If you don't have your Win95 or Win98 CD then
STOP NOW... DON'T PROCEED without it!
You will need your copy of the Windows CD in order
to complete the Internet setup!
Step #1... Click on the "Start" button.

Start Button
Start Button

Step #2... Select and click on "Run"

Select "Run"
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #3... Type in "inetwiz"...  Then click "OK" (or hit "Enter")

(This starts the "Internet Connection Wizard")

"Run" box
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #4... Make sure there is a "Dot" in "Connect using my phone line"...

Then click "Next"...

Wizard Step #4
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #5... Make sure there is a "Dot" in "Create a new dial-up connection"

Then click "Next"...

Wizard Step #5
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #6... Type in the 501 Area Code...

BENTON CUSTOMERS:  Type in  778-8888
LITTLE ROCK CUSTOMERS:  Type in 801-0074

Make sure "United States" is selected...
and a "Check" is in the "Dial using the area code and country code" box.

Then click "Next"...

Wizard Step #6
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #7... Type in your "User name" and your "Password"

NOTE:  This must be "lower case" just like the example!

Wizard Step #7
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #8... Type in "Up-Link Internet" for the name of your connection.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 8
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #9... Put a "Dot" in "Yes" to set up your Internet Mail Account.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 9
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #10... Put a "Dot" on "Create a new internet mail account.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 10
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #11... Display Name:  You may type your full name here (like the example)... or any "alias" you might want to use when sending e-mail.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 11
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #12... Type your e-mail address in the box...
Replace "jdoe" with your user name.

NOTE:  It must be all "lower case" just like the example.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 12
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #13... Make sure you select "POP3"...

Then type "mail.up-link.net" in BOTH Incoming and Outgoing mail server boxes.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 13
inetwiz10.jpg (29377 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #14... Type your "username" and "password" in the boxes...

Again, make sure they are both "lower case".  (You will not be able to "see" your actual password... it will show up as "asterisks".

Check the  "Remember password" box.

Then click "Next"

Wizard Step 14
inetwiz11.jpg (34306 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)

Step #15... CONGRATULATIONS... You have entered all the information needed to set up Windows 98 for the Internet.

Click "Finish" to complete the Wizard.

Wizard Step 15
inetwiz12.jpg (50865 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)

under "Browser & E-Mail Settings" FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS


Step #1... Insert the Up-Link ie5 CD into your machine.

The install program should start to run "automatically" when you insert the CD... If it does, you will get the screen to the right.

If it doesn't "auto-run", then go to Step #1a.

If you want to read the "Release Notes", then click on that button first and it will tell you about what you will be doing.

Otherwise click on "Install Internet Explorer 5"... and proceed to Step #2 (SKIP Steps #1a, #1b & #1c)


CD - Step #1
ul-ie5-01.jpg (40039 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #1a... If the CD didn't auto-run, then click the "Start" button Start Button
Start Button
Step #1b... Select and click on "Run" Select "Run"
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #1c... Type in "D:\cdsetup.exe"...  Then click "OK" (or hit "Enter")

(This starts the CD "manually")

NOTE:  "D" is the drive letter assigned to your CD player... yours may have a different drive letter... just substitute your drive letter in place of "D"


"Run" box
run-cd.jpg (12605 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #2... You will get a License agreement splash screen.  This is a "Microsoft thing" and you must put a "DOT" in the "I accept the agreement" box.

Then click "Next".

ul-ie5-03a.jpg (68310 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #3...  You will see "Dotted" the "Install Now - Full set of components...
We recommend accepting this choice and clicking "Next".

If you have limited Hard Disk space, or just don't want to install everything now, select the "Customize your browser" choice and choose only those "extras" you want to install at this time.

If you "bump" into a need for one of the options later, ie5 will automatically bring up a "Install on demand" screen and let you install it at that time!

Install Now
ul-ie5-02.jpg (38192 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #4... you will see the screen to the right showing the the progress of the installation.

(There is nothing to "click" unless you decide to "Cancel" the installation.)

Install Progress
ul-ie5-03.jpg (26845 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #5... Windows 95 ONLY... You will get the "Microsoft Dial-Up Networking 1.3" window near the end of the install...

You MUST have this component installed, so click "YES" to let the install continue.

(This message will not show up with Win98... Skip to Step #6)

MS DUN 1.3
ul-ie5-04.jpg (31227 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #5a... Windows 95 ONLY...  You must "Accept" the agreement to allow the MS DUN 1.3 upgrade install to continue. Agreement
ul-ie5-05.jpg (57571 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #6... Request to "Restart"... Win95 users will get this screen after the Dial-Up Networking 1.3 install is completed...

Win98 users will get a different screen, but it will also be a request to "Restart"...

In either case, click on "YES" to allow the install to continue by re-starting your machine.

ul-ie5-06.jpg (31366 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #7... When Windows re-starts, you will see a screen similar to the one on the right showing you the progress of the install program as it updates your system files.

Windows MAY ask you here to insert your Win95 or Win98 install CD... This is your original Win95 or Win98 CD that came with your machine.  Again, you MUST have your Windows CD in order for Install to continue and finish, or your computer will "hang" here and you will not be able to finish the install successfully...

Updating Files
ul-ie5-07.jpg (9420 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #7a... When Windows is updating settings, you may occasionally get the "Version Conflict" message stating your machine has a "newer version" of a file being installed...

Click "YES" to this message to keep the "newer file"... clicking "no" may cause problems with the upgrade and may cause your computer to be "unstable" when finished with the upgrade.

Version Conflict
ul-ie5-08.jpg (17692 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #8... CONGRATULATIONS!  The initial set-up from the CD is completed!

You should get the "Welcome Message" screen to the right which explains your next steps to make your system ready to get on the net... Go down to near the bottom and "Click HERE after Set-up has finished"

Welcome Screen
setupwelcome.jpg (31605 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #9... Depending on your system, the "Dial-Up Screen" may or may not automatically "pop-up" after you click the "finish" link above.

If it does, go to Step #10.

If it doesn't, Double-Click on the NEW Up-Link Internet icon on your desktop (as shown to the right) to bring up  the Dial-Up window.

Then go to Step #10.

Up-Link icon
Step #10... Next we must configure the Dial-Up by typing your "user-id" and "password" in the appropriate boxes.
(See the example of "jdoe" to the right)

NOTE:  Your "user-id" and "password" must be all "lower case" letters...

Put a check in "save password" and "connect automatically" boxes.  Then, click the "Properties" button.

Dial-Up Screen
ul-ie5-09.jpg (37396 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #11... The Properties window will open up on the "General" tab, where you will select the Up-Link phone number your computer will dial in order to connect.

Click the top "Phonebook" button.

General Tab
ul-ie5-10.jpg (26334 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #12... Click on the Benton phone number if you live in Benton, or click on the Little Rock phone number if the "801" phone exchange is a NON-TOLL call for you.

Then click "OK".

Phone Book
ul-ie5-11.jpg (42804 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #13... You will return to the "General Tab", and will notice that the phone number your computer will dial to connect is now listed.  Make sure to "check" the "Use dialing rules" box.

Then click the "Options" tab.

General Tab
ul-ie5-12.jpg (29638 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #14... Change the "Redial attempts" to read "5".

Make sure the "Idle time before disconnecting" to read "never".

Then click "OK"... this will close this "properties" screen and take you back to the log-on screen (Step #15).

Options Tab
ul-ie5-13.jpg (17491 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
Step #15... Congratulations!!! You are now READY to CONNECT to Up-Link and the Internet.

Click the "Connect button" to get "dialed in" to Up-Link.

But wait... we're not quite done yet!!!  You have a few more things to do before you are totally finished and ready to use the Internet.

Click Connect
ul-ie5-14.jpg (35451 bytes)
(Click to Enlarge)
under "Browser & E-Mail Settings" FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS
Disclaimer:  These pages are provided for information purposes only.  We cannot be held responsible for any damage you might inflict on your system while using the information contained herein.  We recommend you always refer any technical matter that is "over your head" to a qualified computer technician.

2011 Double-Hammer Computer Services.  All rights reserved.
Last Updated: September 04, 2011

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