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About Counselors Link

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About Counselors Link
What We Are...   Who We Are...


Counselors Link is a Team of Diverse and Highly Trained Professionals:

  • Mental Health Counselors and Advisors...
  • Legal Counselors and Advisors...
  • Financial Counselors and Advisors...

Our Mission... Goals... Vision... People...

If you are a licensed or certified Professional Counselor who CARES...
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Mission Statement

Our dedication to quality care is manifest throughout the organization in the caliber of our network of Counselors on the team. Counselors Link continues to evaluate and study our services to improve the delivery and outcome that is provided to our value clients.

Counselors Link is the pacesetter on the Internet among Counselor Professions, and we strive to adhere to the highest standards in our prospective fields. Ours is a Network of Specialists with a range and depth of experience unsurpassed among Counselor Providers on the Internet. A proven dedication to excellence is the primary criterion before a Counselor is included into the Counselors Link system.

Clients are afforded not only the expertise of a single provider, but a network of professionals with the flexibility and broad range of experience to create just the right service alternative that is:

  • Client-Effective...
  • Client-Available...
  • Cost Effective...

With unmatched dedication, the Counselors Link team works carefully and responsibly with innovative protocols designed to successfully meet any client’s challenges. Our focus on quality has resulted in significant and continued growth, most of which has come from listening to our clients and providing a broad range of Professionals available when the client needs them.  Counselors Link has developed a Seamless Transition process, which insures continuity of care for all clients. We can guarantee that no member's service will be disrupted, although if we are the cause for a disruption, Counselors Link will provide a full refund (if desired).

Our Goals

Counselors Link provides a full spectrum of services from Live Online Internet Services and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), to a full-range of comprehensive Consulting Services and turn key programs like Keys to Safer Schools and Keys to Safer Work Places, delivered where you are.

We employ a variety of strategies customized to meet the client's needs, while adhering to three fundamental principles:

  • Quality of Care
  • Client-Centered & Affordable Services
  • Services Available When and Where You Need Them

The Vision Behind Counselors Link

Counselors Link is the vision of Mike Nelson and Frank G. Green.
The two associates realized that more could be done to provide the help and resources needed in today’s fast paced, high stress life styles. They wanted desperately to provide help and advice to those that need it, at a cost that they could afford.

These are the facts they assembled:

There are more people needing counsel than there are Professionals to provide it.
Clinics and Offices that close at 5 pm cannot meet the needs of clients who work late daily.
People need more than one type of Counselor to meet their needs.
Most people cannot afford $100 - $500 per hour for professional help.
No one enjoys going to a Clinic or Professional office.
The fear of being seen at certain offices stops people from seeking help.
There are 100 million subscribers to the Internet, with a large number seeking help, advice, or answers.
The Internet is available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.
There is no dress code required for "talking" over the Internet.
Keeping costs to the price of a haircut or good meal makes help affordable to all.


Counselors Link Founders

Frank G. Green, MA, LPC
  • Masters level Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Member of the Mental Health Counselors Association of Arkansas.
  • Director of Green Pastures Counseling and Consulting Services.
  • Experience:
    • Residential and Out-patient facilities for youth at risk.
    • Public schools.
    • Juvenile Justice system in the State of Arkansas.
    • Program Development.
    • Management to include the Arkansas Division of Youth Services, Alexander  AR.
  • Specialized Training:
    • Keys to Excellence.
    • Organizational Effectiveness.

Email: xx

Snail Mail: 

Mike Nelson, MS, LPC, NCC
  • Master’s level Licensed Professional Counselor.
  • Certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.
  • Director of S.U.P.O.R.T. Behavioral Health Counseling and Consulting.
  • Experience:
    • Clinical work with serious offender juveniles and families.
    • Public schools consulting.
    • Juvenile Justice system in the State of Arkansas.
    • Youth Services Providers Association of Arkansas.
    • Grant Writing, Program Development, Medicaid revenue maximization.
  • Specialized Training:
    • Positive Approaches to Solving Severe Behavioral Problems.
    • Cognitive Restructuring curriculum for juvenile in corrections institutions.
    • Identifying Gangs and intervention skills.
  • xx

    Snail Mail:  P.O. Box 296

Counselors Link Team Members

(Note:  We will be listing our team members here in the near future)

Join the Counselors Link Team

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NOTE:  This is a Double-Hammer Computer Services DEMO site, and is no longer active!
Please view with that in mind... information, forms and links may no longer be valid.
Copyrights may continue to be held by the original owners of the site.


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