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Counselor Affiliate Application
Are you Qualified?  Then Join Us TODAY!

We are pleased that you are expressing an interest in joining our Counselors Link Team.  First, please read our Terms of Agreement.  Then proceed to the next step of filling out our Counselor Affiliate Application below.

We will review your application and get back to you with any questions we might have, and provide you with more details at that time regarding how our Affiliate Team program works.

Terms of Agreement

  • I certify that I am qualified by training and experience, and by License or Certification as may be required by law, to offer the services provided by Counselors Link.

  • I have not been convicted of any crime involving children, sex, nor inappropriate client relationships. Nor am I under investigation for, nor have I been convicted of any crime related to my professional field.

  • I agree to respond to all E-Mail submissions within 24 hours to 48 on weekends. I agree to post my available hours and keep all chat appointments made.

  • I agree that E-Mail and chat may be monitored or reviewed by Counselors Link personnel for the purpose of quality assurance and/or training.

  • I agree to pay Counselors Link $2500 for the purpose of being added to the team of counselors on their web site. I understand that once added to the Counselors Link web site, this fee will not be refunded. Counselors Link agrees to forward requests for service to my personal E-Mail box in the proportion of available Counselors in my field, and to directly forward all requests which specify me by name.

  • Counselors Link agrees to handle all E-Commerce issues, and to collect and distribute payments. All Affiliate Counselors will receive 80% of gross payments received for services delivered through this web site.

  • All Affiliate Counselors are required to provide at least one essay or brief paper on her/his field of expertise for inclusion in the Library.

  • All Affiliate Counselors are encouraged to submit articles for sale through the Bookstore, for which they will receive 80% of the gross payments on any of their submissions.

  • Counselors Link will retain all proceeds generated by links to affiliate programs, such as

  • Counselors Link retains the right to suspend or terminate any Affiliated Counselor who violates the terms of this agreement.

  • All participants in this web site agree to be guided by the principle of providing the best quality service, for a fair and reasonable fee.

  • I agree to hold Counselors Link, its Directors, Administrative Staff and other Affiliate Counselors blameless in any action against me resulting from services rendered over this web site.

  • No client serviced though Counselors Link will be referred nor redirected to another web site without the consent of Counselors Link Management.  Nor will any client gained through Counselors Link be solicited for nor accepted into a professional relationship for a period of one (1) year after termination of affiliation with Counselors Link. Violation of these terms may result in immediate suspension or termination and/or other actions as allowed by, or required by law or licensing boards.

  • I agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement for a period of one (1) year from the date of acceptance.

Counselor Affiliate Application

Name:   * *(Required)
Billing Address:    * *(Required)
Add'l Address:
City:    * *(Required)
State/Province/Country:    *(Required)
Zip/Postal Code:    (No hyphens or spaces.)      * *(Required)
E-Mail Address:    * *(Required)
Professional Field:    * *(Required)
License Certification Number:
Expiration Date of License/Certification
by the laws of:
Governing Board/
Organization Name:
     Contact Person:
     Phone Number:
     Fax Number:
     E-Mail Address:
Training/Education:    * *(Required)
Computer Experience:
E-Mail Experience:
Chat Experience:

Payment Information...  I am submitting my $2,500 Counselor Affiliate Fee by:
Credit Card...
        Card Type:    (Click to Select.)
        Card Number:    (No hyphens or spaces.)
        Name on Card:
        Expiration Date:

Check or Money Order Mail to Counselors Link, P.O. Box 1557, Benton, AR  72018
(No services until check clears)

Note:  The Counselor Affiliate Fee is only refundable if we DON'T approve your application.
Yes   No I have read, understand, and will comply with the Terms of Agreement.

You will receive an E-Mail from one of our Administrative Staff to confirm your affiliation or to ask for additional information.  If you have not received such in 24 hours, please call 1-800-504-7355.

Note:  Your Credit Card will NOT be charged until we have approved your application.


NOTE:  This is a Double-Hammer Computer Services DEMO site, and is no longer active!
Please view with that in mind... information, forms and links may no longer be valid.
Copyrights may continue to be held by the original owners of the site.


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