Jim's HOW To's of Hardware Upgrades

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Everyone that owns a computer will at one time or another need to (or maybe, just plain want to) upgrade their system.... be it a faster Processor, bigger Hard Drive, more Memory, add or replace a Floppy Drive, or add a faster CD Rom.


NOTE: These pages are intended to give you a basic idea of what is involved in adding/changing some hardware. If it is above your level of technical ability to do the actual work, then DON'T DO IT YOURSELF... take it to a qualified Computer Repair Shop to do it!

While I will attempt to give you accurate information on what to do and how to do it, I will not be held responsible if you didn't read the above "NOTE", or if you do go into your computer and "mess it up"!

Rule #1: UN PLUG IT!!!!

Always disconnect electricity before removing your computer case!

Do not attempt to service monitors.
Monitors may retain high voltage for days... even when unplugged!!

We have INSTALLATION procedures for the following products.

Click on the images to view the respective help files.


Hard Drive




[CPU Installation] [Hard Drive Installation] [Memory Installation]
[CD-Rom Installation] [Floppy Drive Installation]

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